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Adult Summer Camps (and We Aren’t Talking about Adult Care)

Adult Summer Camps (and We Aren’t Talking about Adult Care)

October 10, 2019

From basic activities to the bucket lists of the rich and famous, adult summer camps are designed with everyone in mind. Adults can have fun, learn new skills and hobbies, visit places they’ve never been and forge new friendships along the way.

Whether you’re looking for an escape from life or wanting to live it to the fullest in retirement, there’s a camp for that! In fact, there are so many to choose from we had a hard time deciding which ones to include in this article. So, if you want to revisit your childhood and accomplish dare-devil feats or simply get in touch with your inner Zen, trust us when we tell you that you have plenty of options. And these camps are perfect for retirees to keep you busy and engaged and enjoying life after work!

In fact, one of the best things you can do in retirement is stay active. Staying active helps keep your body and mind healthier longer. With proper financial planning now, there’s no reason to sit at home for the rest of your life. Retirement can be your best adventure yet!

Tips on Choosing Adult Summer Camps

There are a few factors to consider several factors before scheduling your trip.

  • Accommodations
  • Age
  • Technology
  • Activities


Campers can be as comfortable as they want to be with a variety of summer camps to choose from. For people who want to camp in comfort, yet still experience that outdoor feel, “rustic luxe cabins” and “luxury campsites” may be the ticket, while others may want the full experience of tent living or more comfortable resort accommodations. A variety of camps allow you to experience total comfort or be as close to nature as you like.


When choosing a summer camp, make sure you check their policy on children. If an “adults only” policy is important to you, be sure to verify before booking your stay. Some adult summer camps allow children to attend with their parents. This may not be a deal-breaker for you, but if it is—checking first ensures you don’t end up in the midst of a princess tea party for 5-year old girls!  


If you want to be completely “unplugged” from the world during your stay, it’s possible.  Camp Wandawega has no WiFi, TV or AC, while “camping” at The Equinox offers free WiFi and 42” TVs.  Also, some camps may have WiFi, but no cell service. Making the wrong choice could add unnecessary stress to a relaxing camping experience. While unplugging completely might sound idyllic to most people, you may need to be connected to the outside world for personal or professional reasons. 


From yoga, meditation, and gardening to mountain biking, ziplining, and whitewater rafting—and everywhere in between—there are a wide selection of places that offer many different activities.

For example, Moab Under Canvas is a “scout camp for grownups” featuring tents with luxury accommodations, hiking, hot air ballooning, rock climbing, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, massages and more.

But, maybe you have another bucket-list wish, like singing with your favorite musician! Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp can make a music lover’s dream come true as adults experience song writing as well as rehearsing a song with a celebrity musician, and a “Battle of the Bands” at camp’s end. 

Want to learn how to surf?  Endless Summer Surf Camp allows adults to learn to do exactly that with people your own age.

So, regardless which activities you’re interested in, there is just about every kind of adult summer camp to choose from! And there are various price points, too. But, if you want to live out your dreams in retirement, you’ll need a solid financial plan to take you there. Find the balance between what you want to have now and what you want for your future. Smart financial planning can make the difference between retiring in front of your TV or living your dreams!

Our Top Camp Picks Include:

Ruschmeyer’s in Montauk, NY: Camping at Ruschmeyer’s includes yoga, ping-pong and paddleboarding, along with a beer garden, farm-to-table food, cozy firepits, and rowdy dance parties. There are only 19 basic cabins, a beer garden, and plenty of hipster appeal.

Dunton Hot Springs, CO: This 1800’s ghost town offers 13 rustic but luxurious cabins that deliver glamping at its best! There are 5 hot springs, local organic food, and world class wines. Campers also enjoy massages, hot springs, deep soaking tubs, horseback rides, mountain biking, yoga and more. So, if you’ve got a bit of cowboy or girl in you—then this is the place to be!

Lumeria Maui, HI: Here you’ll enjoy an award-winning spa, organic gardens, yoga, and meditation. They call this a “wellness retreat for the mind, body and spirit,” where you’ll definitely be on island time—with no television but plenty of surf! Activities also include classes for aromatherapy, sound therapy, and hula dancing. 

The above just happen to be the top three on Jetsetter’s list of 10 Wild Summer Camps for Adults. And, we’d actually like to visit them all…so let us know if you end up going!