Why Pantheon

With nearly two decades in the financial industry, Sheri Pan’s extensive experience taught her to see the importance of connecting with clients as a financial and wealth planner. It was this realization that spurred the creation of Pantheon Wealth Planning in 2013. She founded her company on the principal that instead of serving clients through a one-dimensional approach, she would build personal relationships with her clients in order to develop a thorough financial plan to address all of their needs.

Pantheon Wealth Planning continues to refine and operate on that founding principal today. We partner with clients like you in significant and dynamic ways. When you choose us to manage your wealth, we take it seriously. We work hard to earn your trust—and it is well deserved. Because, your trust allows us to do what we do best: provide comprehensive wealth management based on personal relationships, industry knowledge, and tailored guidance.

Three pillars define our integrity and delivery of personal yet professional service to our clients:


Competent and confident, our team employs a wealth of knowledge and resources when presenting a financial plan. We keep an open mind to determine what makes the most sense for you. The result is a practical plan delivered with the transparency you need to make it work. 


We thoughtfully consider your current situation and your future aspirations. We are your personal CFO offering balanced advice that is mindful of who you are and where you want to go. As responsible and reliable advocates, we build an all-inclusive financial plan that takes into account the needs of you and your family for years to come.


A spirit of creativity drives our ability to apply outside-the-box strategies to your financial goals. We combine ingenuity in our wealth planning process with up-to-date information to serve you well. And, we introduce you to multiple solutions and scenarios so you can choose the best financial plan that functions within your comfort zone.