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Who Is LPL?

Formed in 1989, LPL Financial is the nation’s largest independent broker-dealer*. Today, LPL serves as an enabling partner to more than 21,000 financial advisors and approximately 700 financial intuitions, supporting these entrepreneurs and companies so that their focus can be on creating personal, long-term client relationships. Recognizing that financial guidance is a fundamental need for all people, LPL’s goal is to reduce the complexity of running a financial practice so that advisors can turn life’s aspirations into financial realities.

Financial advisors backed by LPL are a leading source of objective advice for accumulating and managing personal wealth. While these advisors come from different backgrounds and have different types of expertise, they are united in their ability to better assist their clients by taking advantage of LPL’s integrated technology, independent research, practice management programs and training, and comprehensive clearing and compliance services.

Because they do not offer proprietary products, LPL allows independent financial advisors, banks, and credit unions with whom they partner to give their clients professional advice and investment recommendations.

LPL supplies the tools and training advisors need to discover their clients’ dreams, develop appropriate financial plans, and make recommendations that put clients on the path to pursing their goals. They are 100% committed to the success of the advisors they serve, so that in turn, their advisors can be 100% committed to the success of their clients.

*As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2022, based on total revenue.