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Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year by Pantheon Wealth Planning

Wishing You Happiness and Prosperity this Lunar New Year


This year, Lunar New Year will bring an end to the Year of the Ox and a beginning of the Year of the Tiger.

 The Japan Times reports the “slow, gentle, and hardworking nature of the ox…will be replaced by the speed, strength, and power of the tiger in 2022.”1

 In 2022, the holiday begins on Tuesday, February 1 and, while it officially spans three days, it’s celebrated in China and other Asian countries over the course of two weeks. The exact dates change every year because it follows the lunar calendar, but usually occurs in late January or February, around the new moon closest to the beginning of spring.3 It’s also known as the Spring Festival because it marks the end of the coldest days and a welcome to spring and new beginnings.4

 While the holiday is typically celebrated by honoring deities and ancestors at family gatherings and feasts,3 some other aspects of Lunar New Year’s celebrations include:


  • Wearing red is tradition as it’s seen as a lucky color in China year-round. Gold and yellow, which signify power and prosperity, are also popular choices for Lunar New Year wardrobe.3


  • Washing or cutting your hair on the first day of the Lunar New Year is seen as bad luck as it can be seen as washing away your luck and prosperity for the coming year.3


  • Pre-pandemic, the Lunar New Year caused the greatest human migration in the world.4


We wish you great happiness, prosperity, and new beginnings this Lunar New Year!







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