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The Financial Services Network
Investment Committee

Often wealth management firms rely on a single investment officer to oversee and recommend investments for their clients. With our commitment to bring you the most up-to-date strategies and market insight, one set of eyes just isn t enough. As our business evolves, we review our decisions collaboratively with a team of investment professionals. Combined they form our Investment Committee, providing a range of experience and perspectives, rather than a unilateral approach. As an advisor, we are supported by this collective in our process of evaluating options, seeking innovative approaches and products that support our clients objectives.

Jeremy Olen, CFA®

Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer, Mariner Advisor Network

As an owner and Managing Partner of The Financial Services Network and Chief Investment Officer for the Portfolio Consulting Team, Jeremy is responsible for supporting Pantheon Wealth Planning in how to best leverage investment tools,...

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Joel Gourdin, CAIA®

Vice President, Portfolio Consulting & Analytics, Mariner Advisor Network

As Vice President of Portfolio Consulting and Analytics, Joel leverages the insight and resources of the Portfolio Consulting team to provide guidance to Pantheon on topics of investment alignment, asset allocation and portfolio risk.

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