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Los Altos Estate Planning & Income Tax Deferral Strategies

When considering how to get started with Los Altos estate planning services we invite you to keep us in mind. Pantheon Wealth Planning professionals know that managing an estate is more complex than simply drafting up a Last Will & Testament and leaving it at that. Even though a Living Will is an important document, an experienced Los Altos financial advisor who understands comprehensive estate planning, offers so much more.

Adequate Income

For example, protecting an estate should include several Los Altos income tax deferral strategies. These strategies are important for maximizing retirement income over the lifetime of retirement. Many who retire today can expect to enjoy life up to three decades beyond retirement age. It is important to do all that you can to have the income needed when it is time to enjoy retirement. This kind of planning requires consistent, prudent, innovative effort.

Protect Your Business Income

Another thing to keep in mind when working with our Los Altos estate planning advisor centers on the financial management of small business. If you are a business owner let’s have a conversation about Los Altos business continuation planning. It is sensible to consider business continuation agreements which are designed to keep the flow of business running smoothly if someone in a position of power within the company becomes incapacitated.

More About Taxes

Small business owners likely know better than most about the value of Los Altos income tax deferral strategies. A Proper understanding of tax strategies effects the overall success or failure of many small businesses today. Implementing strategies in this area helps keep the doors of a small business open, with income flowing, for as long as possible.

It is surprising for some when they realize that Los Altos death tax and gift tax issues need to be a part of estate planning strategies, but they do. Our firm respects the depth of tax knowledge required and makes referrals in order to help manage small business tax structures. These recommendations and referrals are part of the comprehensive planning each client deserves. Give us a call for more details today at 408-404-8282. We hope you remember to ask us about scheduling your complimentary initial consultation. Our firm looks forward to helping you sort out all of your Los Altos estate planning needs, today and in the future.