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Los Altos Income Tax Deferral Strategies For High Income Earners

Pantheon Wealth Planning helps clients understand the real financial power of tax-deferred growth through education about Los Altos income tax deferral strategies. Learning more about these tax deferral options helps our clients consistently make better investment decisions. Essentially, the more investment dollars a client can keep within an investment over time, the more potential for greater growth increases.

The Lightbulb Moment

For example, if a client invests several thousand dollars each year into a taxable account yielding an average rate of growth, there should be a decent amount of growth accumulated in that account over time. One of the most interesting Los Altos income tax strategies for high-income earners that our firm shares with clients revolves around considering the results of a tax-deferred investment account.

We can almost see the lightbulb moment happen when clients see how the numbers work out if they simply opt for an investment account that is tax-deferred rather than taxable. In the end, there can be a notable difference in the amount of money at the client’s disposal.

Consider the Alternatives

Acting as a Los Altos personal CFO, Pantheon Wealth Planning shares valuable information including several more tax-sensitive portfolio strategies. When considering tax investment planning a smart option many clients seriously consider is the Roth IRA. This option is particularly attractive when compared to the more traditional IRA, due to the offering of tax-free growth and tax-free withdrawals.

The Roth IRA offers tax deferral on any earnings in the account. Withdrawals from the account may be tax-free, as long as they are considered qualified. Limitations and restrictions may apply. Withdrawals prior to age 59 ½ or prior to the account being opened for 5 years, whichever is later, may result in a 10% IRS penalty tax. Future tax laws can change at any time and may impact the benefits of Roth IRAs. Their tax treatment may change.

Are You Motivated?

Clients who are motivated to get serious about Los Altos income tax deferral strategies meet with our firm frequently to ask questions. We offer up to date information about asset protection strategies as well as Los Altos income tax strategies for high-income earners. This information provides a clearer vision for our clients as we partner together to navigate their financial future.

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There is no one size fits all solution when wrestling with important financial decisions. When it comes to choosing to invest time and energy into a firm that understands how Los Altos income tax deferral strategies affect investment decisions, our firm is ready to assist. We look forward to sharing more information and can be contacted by phone at 408-404-8282. Please ask to schedule a complimentary consultation when you call.