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Mountain View Comprehensive Financial Planning & Wealth Planning

Our experienced team at Pantheon Wealth Planning offers Mountain View comprehensive financial planning for local residents. We consult with all those in the Mountain View area who are interested in wealth preservation. We understand that you have worked hard for the right to invest your money with a trusted wealth management team, dedicated to partnering with you in a way that inspires confidence. Your full-time job plus the other responsibilities that you juggle are enough for you to manage without needing to worry about becoming an expert in Mountain View high net worth wealth planning strategies on your own.

Unique Perspective

That’s because professional Mountain View wealth planning involves much more than crunching numbers and downloading flowcharts. Our woman advisor, Sheri Pan, is uniquely qualified to partner with you as a dedicated Certified Financial Planner practitioner with years of experience. Sheri works hard to help you discover solutions for even the most complex financial issues. Like many of our clients, you may have questions about the value of your corporate RSU’s or you may have concerns about Mountain View estate planning. Whatever Mountain View comprehensive financial planning questions you have, we have the time to sit down with you to begin working on finding the answers.

What We Offer

Our firm offers resources in the following areas for overall Mountain View wealth planning:
- Retirement: including an outline of each step available to you for accumulating the wealth you need in order to retire with the lifestyle you want to live.
- Investment: that includes risk management and other investment strategies customized to your specified timeline and priorities.
- Estate: planning that involves learning how to manage your personal financial affairs throughout your life as well as how to manage the way your wealth will be distributed after you die.
- Taxes: understanding how to implement tax strategies is an important part of managing your tax burden and preserving your wealth.
- Insurance: making sure you consider the value of having insurance to prevent any fall out from happening to your loved ones in case of premature death or other unfortunate events.
- Money: better understanding about how to manage your money since it can be far more complex than simply following a pre-determined budget.

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For more information about Mountain View comprehensive financial planning strategies, we invite you to give us a call today at 408-404-8282 in order to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.