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Mountain View Retirement Planning Companies

Women searching for Mountain View retirement planning companies can feel confident that they are working toward financial well-being, by partnering with Pantheon Wealth Management. Our firm is specialized when compared to other Mountain View wealth planning companies because of our talented and driven CEO, Sheri Pan. Sheri clearly understands the unique issues woman face when preparing for retirement and other important financial milestones.

Women And Retirement

As Mountain View pre-retirees, women end up often earning less than their male counterparts and they often take periods of time off from work in order to raise a family or help care for aging parents. This has an impact on Mountain View social security claiming strategies since there will be a variance in years, worked, affecting their social security benefit.


Women can be great multi-taskers on many levels, but when it comes to personal financial matters they often end up dropping the ball. Preparing for Mountain View estate planning is one area of specialty where we help clients, including women, every day. We know that our female clients juggle family, personal responsibilities and work in a way that leaves little time for more than a cursory glance at financial planning. That is one reason why we are eager to partner with them, making it easier to keep wealth planning a top priority.

Take Control Of Your Financial Well-Being

We are here to help our clients make the time for personal financial confidence including issues related to retirement. We help each client discover options for Mountain View tax efficient IRA withdrawals and important tax sensitive 401(k) withdrawal strategies. These and other tools help establish a better foundation for future wealth management principles. Some Mountain View wealth planning companies approach these issues as a one size fits all solution. In our view, all Mountain View retirement planning companies have the responsibility of establishing a one on one relationship with each client in order to come up with strategies better matched to each need.

Let’s Get Started

If you are ready to take charge of your financial well-being and have searched enough Mountain View retirement planning companies to know that personalized advice matters, we invite you to meet with our firm today. We offer a complimentary consultation where we lay out all responsibilities and expectations from the start. Call today at 408-404-8282 to start taking better care of your own financial future. Retirement is closer than you think!