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Areas of Specialization

Pantheon Wealth Planning takes a broad yet intimate approach to wealth building and financial planning. We want the big picture: to know you personally and professionally; to understand your life story. These relationships are critical and allow us to work with you to devise and execute a financial and/or investment plan that is unique to the goals you wish to achieve.

We specialize in planning for pre-retirees, affluent individuals and families, high-tech executives, medical professionals, and small business owners. Regardless of who you are, our team provides professional expertise with a personal touch. We are invested and involved in planning your potential success. Our work ethic centers around customized planning coupled with consistent, honest communication. Additionally, we continually review your plan to make necessary adjustments to accommodate your life changes. Because, life does change, after all. And we are here to lend a hand in helping you navigate and adapt to those changes.

With this tailored approach to each one of our clients, our services are focused on:

Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • High net-worth and affluent individuals, families and businesses
  • Strategies for wealth accumulation and preservation
  • Strategic goal setting, systematic monitoring, and appropriate periodic adjustments
  • Legacy and philanthropic planning

 Tax-Sensitive Investment Planning

  • Portfolio building using tax-sensitive strategies

 Employee Benefit and Retention Planning for Business

  • Retirement plans and pensions
  • Group health, dental, and vision Insurance
  • Group long term care and disability insurance

 Business Continuation and Succession Planning

  • Buy/sell and key employee benefit planning
  • Overhead insurance
  • Liability insurance/protection

 Retirement Planning

  • Social Security claiming strategies
  • Tax-efficient withdrawal strategies for IRAs, 401(k), pension Medicare/long term care planning