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Community Involvement

Blessed with a rewarding career, Sheri Pan is eager to make her impact extend beyond the world of finance. This altruistic yearning has led her to become a devoted philanthropist and a board member of Silver Lining Missions.

Silver Lining Missions is dedicated to pursuing a better life for underprivileged children in China. The organization provides homes for orphans, a rehab center for children with cerebral palsy, and a program to help find job opportunities for people with disabilities. Beyond supplying education and meeting daily needs, this non-profit seeks to create happiness through compassion and interaction.

Children are the future in every way. Their potential lies within the people who play important roles in enabling them to learn and to thrive. Whether they grow up to become top leaders of countries or simply members of their communities, today’s children are tomorrow’s adults who stimulate economic and environmental growth, valuable education, and impart critical standards and principals to their own children. Sheri believes every child deserves equal opportunities regardless of their unique situations, which is why she is passionate about her involvement in this endeavor.

The foundation believes that love changes lives. Sheri is devoted to helping them fulfill their mission of improving the lives of impoverished children and their families through altruistic actions—by supporting their educational and daily needs, bringing joy and creating hope in their lives, and by teaching them how to give back to their communities.

To help fulfill this purpose, Sheri assists Silver Lining Missions with marketing and fundraising efforts. She is active in community events that raise both critical awareness and necessary funds to support the foundation and its work. Sheri believes that by giving hope and encouragement to children who are overlooked by society, one can truly make a positive difference in the world.