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Who We Are

Nothing is a better teacher than life itself. And, while most advisors first learn the importance and skill of managing wealth by running their own firm, Sheri Pan’s financial education began as a young girl.

A first-generation immigrant, she assisted her parents with their investments and properties, translating essential information from English to Mandarin. Helping her mother and father attain success in America had a lasting impression on Sheri. It gave her the knowledge and business savvy to enter a career aimed at improving the lives of hardworking clients by growing and preserving their wealth. 

Often, figuring out how to plan for your retirement or how to implement tax-sensitive investments seems like foreign territory. Inspired by Sheri’s childhood, Pantheon Wealth Planning was established to help clients like you map out their financial future. Taking great pride in our relationships, our team values integrity and open dialogue. Working with us, you’ll benefit from sensible planning, prudent asset management, and innovative wealth creation.  

At our core, we are a company dedicated to serving a diverse clientele with extreme care and the utmost compassion. Whether you’re beginning your business or nearing retirement, we have the experience to help you pursue your financial goals.

Just as the Pantheon is a symbol of strength and endurance, Pantheon Wealth Planning is committed to lasting relationships built on mutual understanding. We provide exceptional pillars for a solid foundation of creating wealth, supporting you as you focus on your future.

We understand the complex nature of financial planning and wealth protection. We know how it specifically relates to you in your own situation. We help you navigate the markets, understand your investments, and develop a firm but fluid wealth planning strategy. This process includes transparent communication that assists you in recognizing your strengths and weaknesses, which in turn allows the identification of your goals and development of your personal financial plan.