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Pantheon’s Approach to Retirement Planning

Your golden years are meant to be carefree and happy, with you doing the things you’ve worked for during your entire career. If you want to live out retirement your way, every day—you need to make sure you’re saving and investing to build the income to do so. Retirement planning is a crucial element in your financial planning that enables you to retire comfortably. Pantheon’s progressive approach is a multi-step and fluid process created to adapt with your life changes, now as well as in retirement.

Proactive Retirement Planning Strategies

Our comprehensive process starts before you retire, to increase your potential to earn the income you desire. But, Pantheon also works with you into retirement to ensure you’re informed of additional preservation strategies and potential ways to grow your wealth during your golden years.

We work with you to:

  • Define your retirement goals
  • Calculate the income you need in retirement
  • Choose the best retirement plan for you
  • Identify investments
  • Max out contributions to take advantage of compound interest
  • Outline tax considerations
  • Discuss health savings plans to supplement retirement income
  • Explain Social Security claiming strategies
  • Implement tax-efficient withdrawal strategies
  • Determine Medicare and long-term care planning options

There are many circumstances you’ll encounter in retirement that we help you plan for today. For example—it’s well-known that Social Security is not enough live on in retirement. And, Social Security income often incurs a hefty tax along with the tax liability your retirement income may present. Additionally, inflation needs factored into your bottom line. And, health care costs increase yearly, but if you encounter an unexpected health issue in retirement, you want to be financially prepared.

The list does go on, but you get the picture. And that is where Pantheon Wealth Planning becomes your greatest asset in helping you navigate varying scenarios to help you pursue financial security in retirement.

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