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Pantheon's Estate Planning

A properly planned estate is one of the greatest strategies to have in place to protect yourself and your assets during a life-altering event. Your estate constitutes your legacy, after all—a priceless footprint of your life, your accomplishments, and your love. Proper planning helps make certain your wishes are carried out, relieves undue stress and confusion for your loved ones, and eases the financial and time-consuming obligations of probate. Documenting your wishes maintains a sense of order in facilitating your intentions when you’re no longer able to oversee them yourself.

While these conversations are never easy, Pantheon Wealth Planning’s team helps you navigate the complexities of estate planning with ease. We incorporate tax-efficient processes to assist your estate counsel in the preservation and distribution of your wealth when the time comes. Failure to have this plan in place means that your state decides these things for you. This can lead to a complex process that can last for years. And, no one wants that to happen.

Pantheon’s Estate Planning Process 

We work closely with your estate counsel to help you:

  • Outline your health care directives, living will, etc., if you become incapacitated
  • Designate guardians for any living dependents you have
  • Set up power of attorney for your health care
  • Name a durable power of attorney to oversee your assets and investments
  • Assign an executor to oversee the distribution of wishes in your will
  • Name beneficiaries of your assets, retirement plans, life insurance, etc.
  • Create annual gifts to charitable and not-for-profit organizations to help reduce the estate’s tax liability
  • Assist in helping you plan ahead to avoid probate or estate dispute complications

Just as with your financial planning, estate planning is fluid and should be reviewed periodically. Your lifestyle and finances change from time to time, and you want your estate plan to adapt and operate smoothly within your financial plan. With Pantheon Wealth Planning as your guide, you can be confident in the knowledge that your estate plan is in place to manage your assets the way you designed it to.

Pantheon Wealth Planning and LPL Financial do not provide legal advice or service, Please consult your legal advisors regarding your specific situation.