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Santa Clara Retirement Planning Income

When the time is right for you to learn more about Santa Clara retirement planning, our firm is ready with answers. Attitudes around the country are changing when it comes to what retirement means and how to prepare for what used to be called, “The Golden Years”. This affectionate term was used to describe the idea of resting and relaxing, with ample time to pursue hobbies and travel. Over the years the expectations our clients have when planning for retirement have evolved into something much different than counting down the days until they do not have to work anymore.

Working For Pay While Retired

As a specialized firm, our Santa Clara income planning professionals are paying attention to the latest trends in retirement in order to better serve our clients. Our research indicates that a significant portion of the country plans on continuing to work, earning income throughout at least a portion of those retirement years. In fact, one in five Americans says they would choose to work because they enjoy it, not because they need the income.

This is an interesting consideration for the ever-changing landscape of Santa Clara retirement planning. The truth is, Santa Clara pre-retirees with this mindset also tend to feel that working prevents boredom and offers a continuing sense of purpose. Another factor they seriously consider is the continuing benefits provided when working continues later in life.

What Does Retirement Look Like for You?

Our firm offers each client access to a Santa Clara income planning advisement process. We are interested to learn what retirement looks like for you. As we discuss income planning we provide you with more details about how the options you have can work for you. This includes information on the following:

- Annuities as investments
- Inheritance tax planning
- Tax efficient IRA withdrawals
- Social security claiming strategies

Thoughts of planning for your retirement can be stressful if you have not invested the time to understand the facts about your situation. Our firm enjoys helping each client begin to design an action plan for moving forward with making those Santa Clara retirement planning dreams a reality. We hope you will take the time to give us a call today at 408-404-8282. Ask to schedule a complimentary consultation, it is never too early to get things in order.