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Sunnyvale Retirement Planning Services Income Preservation Strategies

Pantheon Wealth Planning works with clients in need of Sunnyvale retirement planning services. Are you among the many pre-retirees dreaming of an early retirement? According to a Gallup telephone poll based on phone interviews conducted April 30, 2014, the average retirement age for people in the United States is around 62 and 20% of people who retire early complain of boredom. We suggest a comprehensive retirement plan that, not only includes key discussions about Sunnyvale income preservation strategies but covers other crucial concepts as well.

Determine Health Care Costs

Healthcare costs tend to increase as we get older which is an essential issue to discuss with our Sunnyvale retirement planning services team. Medicare does not kick in until age 65 and if you retire early you need to have a good plan for covering medical expenses. This includes Sunnyvale long-term care planning. The average person lives longer and has more need for medical care as time goes on. Safeguarding your resources for improved options when it comes to health care needs to be a top priority.

A Dream Come True?

Retiring early can sound like a dream come true, with no demanding schedule requirements. The option to retire early will impact social security claiming strategies as well as other Sunnyvale income preservation strategies. Do you understand the cold hard facts of early retirement enough to weigh the pros and cons of such a big decision? If not, let us help you explore the options in greater detail.

For example, how can you make the most of your Sunnyvale tax efficient IRA withdrawals if you plan to retire at age 57? Will early retirement make it harder to benefit from tax sensitive 401(k) withdrawal strategies? Our firm is ready to have these important discussions on this issue and many other points concerning retirement age choice. Feeling good about the retirement decisions you make starts with becoming better informed.

Let’s Start Talking

We want to meet with you to discuss your retirement hopes and dreams. The better we understand your values and goals, the better Sunnyvale retirement planning services we can provide. Come on in today and share your goals with us. We want to get to know you in order to help address your plan for early retirement success. Give us a call today at 408-404-8282 to schedule a complimentary consultation.