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Fanny Fan

Fanny Fan


The Professional

Fanny enriches Pantheon Wealth Planning’s environment with an interesting background in the field of nutrition and food science. Her previous experience, combined with her dedication to improving the quality of life for others, aligns perfectly with the mission of the Pantheon team. Fanny’s enthusiasm while working is contagious and helps strengthen the relationships between staff and clients. 

Fanny ensures clients have a positive and helpful experience. She assists with paraplanning, client meeting arrangements, and is responsible for preparing and maintaining the client files. Fanny makes certain that client information is complete and that all information and documents are in order. Her attention to detail is crucial in helping identify the unique needs of our clients so Pantheon can better serve them.

The Person

Outside of the professional environment, Fanny is a loving caretaker of 3 adorable, yet feisty, felines. Her other hobbies include experimenting with new culinary ideas, going on outings with her family, and hiking.

These are a few of Fanny’s favorite things:

Food/Snack: Chicken wings, Hotpot  

Beverage: Coffee, HK-style milk tea

Restaurant: Texas Road House          

Season/Holiday: Winter and Christmas

Store: Fashion boutique        

Type of Music: Pop music

Movie: Despicable Me series

Pastime: chilling with my cats, watching drama TV

Color: Purple and pink           

Book: Angels & Demons

Sport: Badminton       

Flower: Tulip, baby’s breath, and hydrangea

Travel/Vacation Spot: Greece, Vietnam, and Tahiti 

 Quote: “Live each day as if your life had just begun.” ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe