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The Pantheon Process

Pantheon Wealth Planning develops your financial planning foundation with the greatest attention to detail and skilled diligence to shape your life for years to come. Our process is dependent on transparent communication and education, so you clearly understand how to do your part while we do ours. Because, together—we are a powerful combination. Our process makes it possible for us to create a personalized, progressive strategy that when implemented can help manage your wealth your way, every day.

Our process ensures we work together to create a seamless, fluid plan to help you pursue your goals for financial independence.

Together, we:

  1. MEET and evaluate your financial goals to determine how they align with what we offer.

  2. DEVELOP a mutual understanding of your needs and desires, as well as our responsibilities and expectations. This is necessary to effectively analyze your situation.

  3. ANALYZE your situation together to develop a workable plan and recommended path for you.

  4. DESIGN your strategy, which is a customized financial and/or investment plan—your personal blueprint to pursue your dreams.

  5. IMPLEMENT your financial planning by coordinating with professionals, such as your attorney and CPA, to ensure a streamlined process.

  6. EVALUATE your progress, lifestyle, habits, and your wealth planning so you can adjust and grow as your life, finances, and goals evolve.